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CTDL 228: All they need now is colored syrup to make a slushy

I’m back from vacation and will put up a few more “dump” posts with all the links I’ve accumulated, and then something a little different. I’m going to ditch the numbering system, and probably change up things a bit more. Stay Tuned.
This is an old story, but I’d love somebody out there to update with [...]

CTDL 222: Dear Diary; Mars isn’t terribly crowded

Interesting bit of diary from the latest Mars mission. If you’re into reading a robotic interplanetary lander’s diary

Nasa’s Phoenix lander touched down on Mars at the end of May for a mission planned to last three months.
The robotic lab is investigating the region’s climate and geology and could determine whether the planet was [...]

CTDL 221: Pile O Links V2.0 for today

Yet again I had a huge backlog of links even after the last post, so I’m putting together even more of them into a smorgasbord of interesting articles. Enjoy!

“Her methods probably are finer, but our conclusions are very similar.”
He also criticised the emphasis placed by the McGill University researcher on the “low” figure [...]

CTDL 220: Pile of Links again

Pile of excerpts and links from BBC articles I didn’t get around to making their own posts. Enjoy.

In January, the Brazilian government announced that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon jungle had soared in the last half of 2007, just months after officials had celebrated three years of steep falls.
It was an [...]

CTDL 153: To boldly go…

As if there was a chance I wouldn’t make that joke (the one in the headline, the one that isn’t funny). Hawking is calling for NASA to follow the Columbus spirit and spread disease and mayhem… err… explore and discover other options for when humanity messes up this planet.

In a speech honouring Nasa’s 50th anniversary, [...]

CTDL 146: Yeah Space! (misc stories).

I think there’s a lot to be learned from Titan, and I’m glad to see Nasa extending the mission (though one could say they’re extending this mission because they can’t afford at this time to send a newer/better craft on a subsequent mission instead).

The US space agency (Nasa) has extended the international Cassini-Huygens mission by [...]

CTDL 126: Bunch of Random Links (from the BBC)

Today I give you a pile of interesting links you could’ve found on your own if you just subscribed to the BBC feeds.
First off we’ve got some strange composite images of people who are more likely to be ready to commit, or at least look that way to somebody.

People’s attitudes to relationships could be given [...]

CTDL 124: We’re not alone?

Well, our solar system isn’t alone in it’s basic layout anyway. Of course, it’s still 5000 light years away, so what we’re seeing of it now was happening back in the days of ancient egypt (if my mental history timeline is right), and to get there would take us longer than civilization has been around.

Astronomers [...]

CTDL 120: Modified Newtons aren’t like Fig ones right?

I like that this is being reported, though it is probably one of the piles of new hypotheses that get put forth each year only to be disproven in peer review.

Modified Newtonian Dynamics (Mond) is proposed as an alternative to the widely accepted theory of dark matter to explain the dynamics of galaxies.
Garry [...]

CTDL 119: Astronomy photography project

I just posted this on my personal blog and thought it would work here too. I’ve tried some Astrophotography before, but never knew how to compensate for the earth movement without spending so much money as to be impossible. This is a very “Make Magazine” sort of project that I think I’ll try this summer.

This [...]