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CTDL 201: Vodka tonic with a stem cell chaser please

Scientists have been looking at ways liver disease could be treated using embryonic stem cells, reducing the need for transplantation.
The research is one of two projects at Edinburgh University receiving £3.6m from Scottish Enterprise and the Medical Research Council (MRC).
The second project, which also involves embryonic stem cells, will look at [...]

CTDL 199: Fungi to the rescue

I’ve got visions of radioactive mushroom monsters roaming the countryside eating stray dogs… but aside from that it sounds like an interesting idea.

Dundee University researchers have found evidence that fungi can “lock” depleted uranium into a mineral form.
This would make it more difficult for the heavy metal – used in armour-piercing shells – [...]

CTDL 198: Iguana slaughter?

Yesterday I mentioned I’m fan of Big Cats, I’m also a fan of lizards, and Iguanas in particular. As a kid I had a few pet iguanas, and there’s a minimal chance that our next pet will be an iguana (we’ve already got two Euromastyx lizards, a doc, and a couple fire-belly toads). That said, [...]

CTDL 192: OLPC 2.0 (Kindle competition edition)

BBC has a picture of the proposed v2.0 of the OLPC/XO machine. I like the “book” design, and if it hits the $75 price point I’d be very tempted to participate in the get one give one.

The revamped machine created by the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project looks like an e-book and has had [...]

CTDL 185: all think and no play…

Since you probably need a break from all the random thinky links as much as I do… how about some plans for a fun cardboard playhouse.

Cardboard Playhouse Plans & Instructions
Use these cardboard playhouse plans for a quick, eco-friendly and thrifty way to make your child their very own mini home!
It is easiest to start with [...]

CTDL 184: And just when Jillian was going to save me from myself

Exercise? Nah! Eating right? Nah! I ‘m going to get some enzyme removal and metabolize away the honey buns!

Australian scientists believe they may have discovered how to help people lose weight without cutting back on food.
Researchers in Melbourne found that by manipulating fat cells in mice they were able to speed up metabolism.

CTDL 180: More than a mnemonic

I’m debating trying this bit of software, though at least the concept is interesting. I figure it’s probably better to remember a few of these things I share.

The right time to practice is just at the moment you’re about to forget. Unfortunately, this moment is different for every person and each bit of information. Imagine [...]

CTDL 178: Creature of Habit

I love the bold there. Make a new habit, learn an instrument, or just drive a new route to work. Become a creature of new and interesting habits.

HABITS are a funny thing. We reach for them mindlessly, setting our brains on auto-pilot and relaxing into the unconscious comfort of familiar routine. “Not choice, but habit [...]

CTDL 176: Africa, Agriculture, and Oboes

Three Africa stories from the BBC today.
First off we’ve got two different pieces on “green”ifying Africa (and African agriculture specifically). As much as we’d like to think shipping food to Africa is the solution, it’s at best a stop gap measure. What (I think) they really need is an agricultural (and medical) infrastructure that will [...]

CTDL 173: Kill impulse purchasing

I love this idea for curbing frivolous spending:

The No Credit Needed financial blog suggests a “$100 rule,” in which any purchase price is divided by that amount and considered for that many days—a $300 PlayStation 3 gets re-considered for three days, a $1,400 MacBook is delayed for two weeks of researching, and so forth.
[From Money: [...]