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Interesting bits of historical information

CTDL 193: Atomic bomb results

The photos are not for the faint of heart, but are something everybody who votes should see. I don’t advocate peace at all cost (sometimes that cost is too high), but it’s always good to have some perspective into what the outcomes of a given action might be. The linked site has some very graphic [...]

CTDL 157: Duct tape is just the greatest.

I think this was on Boing Boing a couple days ago (I tend to leave some random links up in my browser and I don’t always remember where they came from). Great story of how Duct tape isn’t just useful for college kids making moonbuggies, but also for the real guys who were on the [...]

CTDL 149: Old old trees.

Approximately doubling the age of Methuselah (the tree, not the biblical character), a tree in Sweeden is found to be almost 10K years old.

Scientists had believed the world’s oldest trees were 4,000-year-old pine trees found in North America.
The oldest, a bristlecone pine named Methuselah located in California’s White Mountains, is aged 4,768, according [...]

CTDL 127: Ancient physics/mechanics

Found this fascinating piece on how the ancients thought about mechanics, and how the science of physics developed over time.

There are a surprising number of old, and extremely old, scientific texts that have survived the ravages of time in one form or another. The Archimedes Web site lists far more than 100, including Euclid’s geometry, [...]

CTDL 122: Aladdin meet Beowulf

I’m not sure what commentary I can add to this, I just wanted to share it because I thought it was cool.

Swedish archaeologists have discovered a rare hoard of Viking-age silver Arab coins near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.
About 470 coins were found on 1 April at an early Iron Age burial site. They date [...]

CTDL 109: Artifacts from the skies

I’m a bit of an aviation buff, and I find this story in the latest Air & Space magazine to be endlessly fascinating. In addition to the notes by a pilot mentioned below, there are tales of shell casings found and all sorts of things. This is historically interesting, and also seems a great source [...]

CTDL 108: Rickrolling from 1860

I’m sure I’d get this song stuck in my head if I could only understand it better.

An “ethereal” 10 second clip of a woman singing a French folk song has been played for the first time in 150 years.
The recording of “Au Clair de la Lune”, recorded in 1860, is thought to be the oldest [...]

CTDL 088: Oh no! they’ve thrown off the groove

I like the archeological discoveries, especially of civilizations we don’t often hear about.

[From BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Pre-Inca' temple found in Peru]

I also like it when we get something totally new. Meteorites we can’t classify, or animals, either way it’s new data to be assimilated into our world/universe-view.

A pair of meteorites discovered [...]

CTDL 081: Last French WWI Vet gone

No humor, no pithy quote, just recognizing that the last WW I Vet from France has passed away at 110. Salut Lazare.

France’s last surviving veteran of World War One, Lazare Ponticelli, has died at the age of 110.
[From BBC NEWS | Europe | France's final WWI veteran dies]

CTDL 070: A couple interesting links for the day

Boing Boing has a link to some recently found fake doors in an Egyptian tomb, with pictures

[From Fake doors in Egyptian tomb - Boing Boing]

Another Boing Boing link for today is to this device for making compressed earth blocks for building shelters. As I understand it, the theory is that uncompressed “earth” isn’t [...]