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CTDL 143: She’s inside my MIND!!!

I probably found this via boing boing (I find a lot of links there, and this looks right up the boing boing alley), but only have the actual article in front of me. Fascinating look at technologies that give others a peek behind the curtain of our mind.

We think of our brains as the ultimate [...]

CTDL 141: free air

It is these sort of things that will become more and more reality as energy demands increase, and as countries like China and India become more “modernized.”

Clark, in his post today about heat pumps and hot water, wondered aloud about other energy-saving techniques:
Why doesn’t my fridge connect to the outside world? In wintertime, there’s plenty [...]

CTDL 091: Exercise? What?

Another departure from our “usual” link here. I’m debating putting this together for my house. We’ve got a treadmill in the garage (and it doesn’t get used much). If I can put together a simple desk prop gadget to hold my laptop it might not be a bad way to start the morning. Get up [...]

CTDL 052: All we need now is a Mr Fusion

I’m not sure how practical and functional their technology actually is, but again, progress is a good thing when attempting to solve the energy crisis.

[From Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn ]

CTDL 048: Last pile of links… I think.

Last of the random links I think. I’ve got a couple more I want to comment on a bit.

Stardust Reveals Clues About Solar System’s Past | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond: | Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level”:
15 of The Greenest Buildings in The World | Geek [...]

CTDL 005: The $100 Laptop

A couple years ago there was a project started that aimed to design and build a laptop for $100 per unit to be given to children around the world, in developing countries, to help flatten the world even more. The design is such that it can be charged by a hand crank or solar power. [...]

CTDL 003: Build your own Spitfire

Somebody is selling kit-planes that look a lot cooler than ye old Cessna (sorry Cessna). For a bit more than a quarter mil you can have a kit to make your own Spitfire. It’s a 90% scale, uses a V6, flies around 220mph, and will take you 500-1200 hours to complete (depending on [...]