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Category Archives: The Arts

CTDL 223: Buying a DSLR Lens

Macworld has a nice (not reliant on Mac) primer on buying DSLR lenses.

If you purchased your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) as part of a kit, you already have a basic lens that takes pretty good pictures. However, part of the attraction of this type of camera is that you can switch out lenses to get [...]

CTDL 176: Africa, Agriculture, and Oboes

Three Africa stories from the BBC today.
First off we’ve got two different pieces on “green”ifying Africa (and African agriculture specifically). As much as we’d like to think shipping food to Africa is the solution, it’s at best a stop gap measure. What (I think) they really need is an agricultural (and medical) infrastructure that will [...]

CTDL 158: photo touch-up tips

Trying to broaden CTDL into more than just “Charles’s interesting science stories”. I’m a photography nerd (well, I’m just a big nerd in general, but photography IS something I’ve got special interest in), and found these simple little photoshop techniques on Wired to be handy things to pass on. I’ll be firing up Pixelmator in [...]

CTDL 130: Blessed brain disease

While I know her family would rather have her back than the creative output, I wonder how many of us would give up a few years of our life to experience the creative ecstasy (and the chance that something we created would outlive us). I’m not saying I would give up any years for it, [...]

CTDL 090: Nerdfotainment

I think I found this via Daring Fireball, but I’m not sure. The article’s premise is an interesting one: “multi-threaded plot lines and general complicated-ness are things that make for good nerd entertainment.” I can’t argue with him. Nerd novels like Lord of the Rings follow this concept. Nerd games like D&D and WoW follow [...]

CTDL 066: Photography tips at Adorama

This is a departure from the science and philosotainment that I usually aim for here, but it still applies to learning, and my hobbies. Adorama was the place I used to buy backdrops and lighting equipment “back in the day” (“the day” being high-school and college when I dreamed of being a photo-journalist). They’re still [...]

CTDL 048: Last pile of links… I think.

Last of the random links I think. I’ve got a couple more I want to comment on a bit.

Stardust Reveals Clues About Solar System’s Past | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond: | Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level”:
15 of The Greenest Buildings in The World | Geek [...]