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Otherwise not falling under another category

750 Words… more or less.

Over the last couple of months (today marks 61 consecutive days/exactly two months actually) I’ve been doing a bit of personal writing using the website . For me it’s a little bitter-sweet as Buster is doing with 750words what I’d always hoped to do with Wordtrip; get people writing. I would love to [...]

Nomar & Dumbo’s Feather

On diets, baseball, project management, and getting things done.
There is a thing called a mind hack. If you are unaware, a mind hack is an ostensibly productive, or at least positive, use of the esoteric nature of our brain to trick ourselves into doing something we otherwise might not due to procrastination, priorities, or [...]

Skeptic Blog response

(I’m posting here, because I can’t post on skepticblog from work thanks to our proxy… I’ll probably go post this there when I can)
Brian Dunning has posted a piece on the Skeptic Blog about the Mythbusters. He disclaimers that he enjoys and appreciates the show for what it is, but also wishes it was a [...]

A Guest Post I wrote

@Lisa_Ray is doing a “Year Without Disney” with her family, and when I started rambling in her comments about appreciating Art as it is created, instead of buying the product as it is marketed, she amazingly asked me to do a guest post… and as I obviously NEED some motivation to write, I took her [...]

Five Months without an update

I’ve tried to funnel my writing energies into fiction lately, and I’ve not really felt compelled to write the stuff I want to write here… those things will really need another person to bounce stuff off of.

Thoughts on Kindle

Now you’ve got a lot of DRM free versions of music (amazon’s mp3 store for example) because the producers didn’t like to be locked into Apple, and what I suspect will happen is something similar when the Kindle has shown enough publishers that people will pay for digital content the producers will then start unlocking it for other eBook readers. The Phone idea isn’t unlikely per se, and the Kindle app for iPhone is a step in that direction (they’re apparently going to be making for other devices as well), though I think the BIG dig against a blackberry/phone concept is that having read a few things on the iPhone and Blackbery, it’s just not as comfortable to try and read any quantity of content on a small screen.

No CTDL isn’t dead

I’ve been re-assessing how I want to approach this blog. Expect more stuff here before long.

CTDL 228: All they need now is colored syrup to make a slushy

I’m back from vacation and will put up a few more “dump” posts with all the links I’ve accumulated, and then something a little different. I’m going to ditch the numbering system, and probably change up things a bit more. Stay Tuned.
This is an old story, but I’d love somebody out there to update with [...]

CTDL 227: Modified budgeting

CTDL may be on hiatus in a week or two while I’m on vacation, though I might back-log a bunch of posts for my 2 readers. I think I’ll be dropping the numbered system soon and re-designing the site.
This is not very sciencey but educational, or at least thought provoking. I like the idea of [...]

CTDL 226: Spiders using UV to paint

Originally found on Boing Boing, this is an interesting evolutionary trait to use UV light to woo the prey into the webs.

The crosses, zigzags, and spirals woven by some spiders have long puzzled web watchers. But those seemingly superfluous decorations may be traps that use light to lure prey, a new study of Australian spiders [...]