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CTDL 225: Cholesterol Genes?

Nothing to add to this, except I hope I have these genes.

A third of the population have genes that could help them in the fight against heart disease, say scientists.
A study of 147,000 patients suggests that certain types of the CETP gene might increase the levels of so-called “good” cholesterol.
UK and [...]

CTDL 224: The Perfect Gadgets

Boing Boing Gadgets has great run down of “perfect” gadgets, ones that can’t really be improved on in largely significant ways. As a Unix dork I only take marginal offense at the comment below about keyboard layouts.

The Keyboard
Forget about Dvorak for a moment: no one’s talking about keyboard layouts here. There’s a surprising number of [...]

CTDL 223: Buying a DSLR Lens

Macworld has a nice (not reliant on Mac) primer on buying DSLR lenses.

If you purchased your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) as part of a kit, you already have a basic lens that takes pretty good pictures. However, part of the attraction of this type of camera is that you can switch out lenses to get [...]

CTDL 220: Pile of Links again

Pile of excerpts and links from BBC articles I didn’t get around to making their own posts. Enjoy.

In January, the Brazilian government announced that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon jungle had soared in the last half of 2007, just months after officials had celebrated three years of steep falls.
It was an [...]

CTDL 217: Ocean Temps again

Quick follow up on CTDL 208 with a bit less information, from the BBC of course.

Global temperatures did not dip sharply in the 1940s as the conventional graph shows, scientists believe.
They say an abrupt dip of 0.3C in 1945 actually reflects a change in how temperatures were measured at sea.
Until 1945, [...]

CTDL 216: Drugstore economics

Not JUST to prove I find other things besides the BBC Science section, but at least partly that, today we’ve got a nice little bit on saving some cash using the drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, et al) and their promotional discounts.

The Drugstore Game involves combining manufacturer and store coupons, and taking advantage of a store’s best [...]

CTDL 214: Un-Farming in the UK

How should Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) respond to the “food crisis”? Our environment analyst Roger Harrabin examines how worries about food are stimulating a debate about the long-term future of the CAP.
The Common Agricultural Policy – the vast system that costs Europe’s taxpayers more than £30bn pounds a year – will be [...]

CTDL 212: If only we could make fuel from Kudzu

Good advice here, don’t bring in some new species of crop just to deal with new energy needs.

Nations should avoid planting biofuel crops that have a high risk of becoming invasive species, a report warns.
A study by the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) said only a few countries have systems in place to [...]

CTDL 211: Crazy sleep deprived parents!

Have you ever thought of your new-parent friends as being a bit off? Well apparently you were right.

Scientists have shown relying on the sleep deprived-brain to perform well is potentially fraught with danger.
They found that even after sleep deprivation, people have periods of near normal brain function in which they can finish tasks [...]

CTDL 206: These Oreos are to help my jetlag

Never mind that I’m not flying anywhere, the Oreos are resetting my body clock.

Studies in mice have shown cAMP – a common signalling molecule – is involved in keeping the body clock “rhythms” going.
The team hope to develop drugs that target cAMP to help shift workers, frequent flyers or those with sleep disorders [...]