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Monthly Archives: September 2007

CTDL 007: Accurate Star Distances

The most accurate catalogue of the distances to more than 100,000 stars has just been released.

Now we can be more accurate in our calculations are on how little chance any human will ever reach distant stars. With recent satellites and new calculations they’ve recorded more accurate distances to stars, which will help them infer [...]

CTDL 006: I’m of two minds on this one

Yes, it’s a bad pun, but it’s a cool looking turtle. Six legs, two heads, one shell.

As an Atlanta Braves fan I’m tempted to make a smart comment about it being just another freak of nature in Phillies land… but I’ll be nice.
Found on Boing Boing: Original Link

CTDL 005: The $100 Laptop

A couple years ago there was a project started that aimed to design and build a laptop for $100 per unit to be given to children around the world, in developing countries, to help flatten the world even more. The design is such that it can be charged by a hand crank or solar power. [...]

CTDL 004: Diabetes and Vitamins

With several members of my family Diabetic, this is a bit of heartening research. Apparently Diabetic patients dump Vitamin B1 from their body 15 times faster than the average person. The researchers are theorizing this may be a factor in the numerous ailments associated with Diabetes. I’m curious what effect the no-carb craze [...]

CTDL 003: Build your own Spitfire

Somebody is selling kit-planes that look a lot cooler than ye old Cessna (sorry Cessna). For a bit more than a quarter mil you can have a kit to make your own Spitfire. It’s a 90% scale, uses a V6, flies around 220mph, and will take you 500-1200 hours to complete (depending on [...]

CTDL 002: Biblical Atari

I find stories like this fascinating (if not helpful in finding clarity of religious philosophy). Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the title; the tablet is 2600 years old (sorry, a geek’s gotta be a geek).

“THE British Museum yesterday hailed a discovery within a clay tablet in its collection as a breakthrough for biblical [...]

CTDL 001: OCD Mice

I came across the following story on Boing Boing and can’t decide if it’s a breakthrough that might help the people in my life who happen to have OCD tendencies. Or, if it’s just the basis for a great story idea.
The basic premise is that they’ve genetically engineered mice to have OCD [...]