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Monthly Archives: December 2007

CTDL 036: Then why isn’t Barry Bonds funnier?

A) If it’s testosterone that makes us funny, then seriously, why isn’t Barry Bonds funnier?
B) so maybe that killer joke as a weapon of war wasn’t so far fetched after-all?
BBC NEWS | Health | Humour ‘comes from testosterone’

CTDL 035: Wave goodbye to the nice fossil fuels

OK, realistically, a wave power generator is a nice theory, but it’s more likely to end up as a PR gimmick than a large source of energy for the state of CA.


Two whale articles tonight.
1st one is on Orca’s hunting like the raptors in Jurassic Park III (well sort of, they get together and create waves to knock seals off the ice)
Unique orca hunting technique documented : Nature News:
2nd one is about Whales getting the bends. The phenomenon is tied to naval sonar, apparently due to [...]

CTDL 033: I think my dad would say the answer is a swift kick in the pants

Apparently after 3 years of therapy vs drugs… there’s not much difference for the ADHD kids.  While it’s anathema to our “drugs solve all problems” (and “drugs are the cause of all problems” but that’s a different story) culture, apparently the drugs only work in the short term at best.  The salient point for me, [...]

CTDL 032: So who’s being smarter here?

The Moose are being smart by moving closer to humans when they deliver their babies because the predators (bears) won’t follow them there. The Bears are being smart by not going near the roads and people. So which is smarter?
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | How mother moose outwits the bear:

CTDL 031: SEE! Chocolate IS good for you

Well, it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome anyway.  That’s close enough for me.
BBC NEWS | Health | Chocolate ‘aids fatigue syndrome’:

CTDL 030: I sure like playing yellow light, yellow light

Very interesting piece here on colorblindness complete with some images modified to show what it would look like if you were color blind.
Blindness | Critique

CTDL 029: Saving Second Base

The subject above was the name of a group that participated in the 3-day breast cancer walk here in Atlanta, it seemed an appropriate title for this article.  The gist of it is that they’ve got a test that screens for gene abnormalities that can be early indicators of breast cancer.
BBC NEWS | Health | [...]

CTDL 028: sqooshed solar system

I’d speculate that sqooshed isn’t the technical term for it, but Voyager 2 just crossed the heliosheath back in August and we’ve apparently deduced that the barrier at the edge of the solar system is no more spherical than the orbits of the planets are circular.
Voyager 2 Proves the Solar System is Squashed:


CTDL 027: Study finds first-ever genetic animal model of autism

I have friends with autistic kids, and while I realize that the issue is more than just genetic (with intestinal issues and such factoring in as well), it’s interesting to see a genetic model for autism to allow for some further insight into the issue.
Study finds first-ever genetic animal model of autism: