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Monthly Archives: December 2007

CTDL 026: Antibiotics ‘could help slow MS’

No pithy commentary, just interested to see that something as simple as antibiotics can possibly slow MS.
BBC NEWS | Health | Antibiotics ‘could help slow MS’:

CTDL 025: Who needs freedom of the press?

I can’t believe the results of this poll by the BBC.  Large portions of the world give freedom of the press a lower importance than “stability and peace.”  Things really must look better through those rose colored glasses.  I do at least find some comfort in the US leading the pack in perceived importance of [...]

CTDL 024: Two stem cell articles

The BBC has a couple blurbs from September on stem cells.  One is about a new method of growing them to help increased return from those cells harvested, and the other on the possibility of harvesting them from a man’s testicles (not exactly my first choice for how to get them, but if it’s a [...]

CTDL 023: Happy bones, happy bones

New study links depression with osteoporosis.  So get happy or break a hip!
BBC NEWS | Health | Osteoporosis ‘link to depression’:

CTDL 022: Education of a wandering editor

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia has changed his stance from 2005, and now thinks that students should be allowed to use Wikipedia to do school work.  I think that he makes a valid point with that, though the “bad educator” tag for those teachers who haven’t come around to his way of thinking may be [...]

CTDL 021: Angry Atkins Mice

OK, so the story isn’t that high-protein/low-carb diets make you angry (though a lack of chocolate makes me rather grumpy), but rather that they’ve discovered the proteins that seem to be key triggering mice aggression.  I won’t get into the castrating poor little mice for this experiment, but aside from that make-us-guys-cringe factor it’s an [...]

CTDL 020: The Eyes have it

I’m curious to see what the ID community’s response to the article linked below is (the complexity of the eye being an ID “issue”).  I’m sure the science is beyond my level of understanding, but then again the article doesn’t go into too much detail except to say the hagfish eye appears to point [...]

CTDL 019: Homecoming Dumbo

This little tidbit on how Elephants keep track of their extended family (by using those big noses they have) reminds me of the Orson Scott Card Homecoming series, where one of the characters can “see” the connections between people.  I always find it interesting when a sci-fi/fantasy concept shows up in real life.
BBC NEWS | [...]

CTDL 018: Who’s a chimp now?

Have we evolved past using our memory? (GTD principle says we’re better at thinking of ideas than remembering them, so use a trusted system to remember)
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Chimps beat humans in memory test:

CTDL 017: Anorexic wombs?

The article title seems to be a bit “leading”, but the theory from the study is that there may be something hormonal introduced in the womb that makes people more prone to anorexia.
BBC NEWS | Health | Womb hormones ‘lead to anorexia’: