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Monthly Archives: January 2008

CTDL 058: This just in: Exercise good for you.

I love how we find new and interesting studies to tell us what I’m pretty sure my grandfather knew intuitively. If you get off your fat butt and move around a little bit you’re more likely to live longer/live better/etc. I don’t think this one new study is going to change our collective bad habits, [...]

CTDL 057: And here I thought we were going to get to launch Bruce Willis into space

“Near” miss asteroid coming. Just outside the moon orbit (you know that place we haven’t managed to send anybody to in the last 30-something years).

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Asteroid to make close approach]

CTDL 056: Go to sleep, you little creep.

There are some good articles out there by Po Bronson (and somebody else I can’t recall) on sleep, but these tips from Reader’s Digest (they seem to have made a recent push on Digg and become a popular destination there… which I think count as strange bedfellows) are worth the reading.

[From Achieve a [...]

CTDL 055: DNA Warwick

Short little piece on how DNa molecules tend to hang out in a “birds of a feather flock together” sort of way.

[From DNA Molecules Display Telepathy-like Quality | LiveScience]

CTDL 055: Which “Land Before Time” movie will this one be?

So basically they’ve analyzed the data on the impact crater in the Yucatan that is believed to be responsible for the dinosaur extinction and determined it was deeper under water than they expected. This would make the impact more water vaporous as well as introducing more acid rain into the extinction equation (due to what [...]

CTDL 054: Staph Infection B… it’s eating on me

I’m not sure why it would be surprising to find that drug-resistant infections seem to come from a related “master” bug. I would assume that if it’s resistant to drugs it would be the virus surviving and propagating, but what do I know. The two sides to the coin are that if the bug is [...]

CTDL 053: The wettest desert

This is an interesting piece on the ocean’s “biological deserts” (places where nutrients are limited in the sea water so little algal life lives there) which have been growing substantially in the last few years. The question I have is based on the small sample size (the satellites only went into place in the mid-late [...]

CTDL 052: All we need now is a Mr Fusion

I’m not sure how practical and functional their technology actually is, but again, progress is a good thing when attempting to solve the energy crisis.

[From Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn ]

CTDL 051: Elephants, Evolution, and Auspergers

I came across this article on Elephants evolving shorter tusks the other day. It got me thinking about my current hypothesis on Ausperger’s Syndrome and Autism spectrum disorders. One of my favorite on-line personalities is Merlin Mann who is quick to point out that when something is a “first world problem”. This idea of a [...]

CTDL 050: This article on synthetic life just screams “Michael Crichton Book Idea”

Some of the possibilities are interesting (bacteria to chew up CO2 for instance), but I’m most struck by my expectation that Crichton will write a book based on this.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Synthetic life 'advance' reported]