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Monthly Archives: January 2008

CTDL 049: A few more links before I get more involved

Just a few more random links before we settle into the new format. I’ve got one more “numbered” post in the works and I’m debating dropping the numbers for “ease of updating” purposes.
5 Strange Stop-Gap “Solutions” to Climate Problems » ecoble
While these are linked as “strange” solutions, I like that people are at least [...]

CTDL 048: Last pile of links… I think.

Last of the random links I think. I’ve got a couple more I want to comment on a bit.

Stardust Reveals Clues About Solar System’s Past | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond: | Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level”:
15 of The Greenest Buildings in The World | Geek [...]

CTDL 047: 2nd pile of links

Another pile of links I’ve been stockpiling. I may end up using some of these for the basis of some discussion, but for now I want to “get them out there”. This one is all BBC links, where I find a lot of the most interesting science tidbits.
BBC NEWS | Health | A little alcohol [...]

CTDL 046: A ton of links and some re-thinking

I still plan on collecting science links for this site. But I also plan on changing the format a bit. I’ll still post some science/history/educational stories from the news, but I’ll also work on some more thoughtful analysis of that news, and what Scott Adams calls “philosotainment”. More on this to come. For now… First [...]

CTDL 045: I’m sure it’s safe… right?

$2500 car is on show in India. It actually might make sense for slower in-town traffic I guess.

CTDL 044: Little John fights cancer!

Apparently there is a particular protein that helps or harms the patient’s chances of responding well to a particular ovarian cancer drug.BBC NEWS | Key to cancer drug use pinpointed:So, the drug is made from yew trees (isn’t that what Little John used for his staff in Robin Hood? or was that what Robin used for his bows?).

CTDL 043: how bad do you want to get cured?

I’m sure this is some new way of man bashing… I’m just not sure exactly the details.

CTDL 043: You ARE the brute squad

Black hole bully = Black hole “punching” nearby Galaxy… how can it be sending a bunch of particles into another galaxy if it’s a black hole where nothing can escape it?

CTDL 042: ROUS’s? I don’t think they exist

Lest we get too cocky that we actually KNOW anything about this planet. Voila!

CTDL 041: Darn, there goes my brilliant plan

Why don’t we drop medical waste and nuclear waste into active volcanoes?