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Monthly Archives: February 2008

CTDL 072: Autism? Aspergers? Problem?

I’ve not finished reading this article yet, but it’s a fascinating one. The viewpoint is one of Autism being looked at, not as a disease to be cured, but a difference. This plays into my theory that it’s more a genetic adaptation (evolution) to the cultural possibilities we have in the 1st world these days [...]

CTDL 071: Belief’s and Understanding

During my high-school and college years I, while starting off a very devout believer, went through the usual “questioning my beliefs” period. Having come from a school with half a dozen kids in it (and all of us from fairly similar backgrounds), the culture shock of even going to a christian boarding academy with a [...]

CTDL 070: A couple interesting links for the day

Boing Boing has a link to some recently found fake doors in an Egyptian tomb, with pictures

[From Fake doors in Egyptian tomb - Boing Boing]

Another Boing Boing link for today is to this device for making compressed earth blocks for building shelters. As I understand it, the theory is that uncompressed “earth” isn’t [...]

CTDL 069: Those danged skinny french!

It’s tough to summarize something when they do such a concise job doing it with the article headline. The gist of the article (and it’s a short one) is that french people tend to eat until their full, and we tend to use external cues as to when we’re full (the TV show is over, [...]

CTDL 068: Key to understanding ocean life

OK, I have to admit that I don’t “get” everything in this article, but it sounds interesting none-the-less. As far as I can tell there’s a compound from decaying plant matter that shows up in the ocean and is a factor in how life functions even at lower levels (where light doesn’t hit the compound, [...]

CTDL 067: Billions and Billions of worlds

OK, so maybe only “Hundreds” but it’s a story Sagan would’ve enjoyed, so I had to use the line.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'Hundreds of worlds' in Milky Way]

CTDL 066: Photography tips at Adorama

This is a departure from the science and philosotainment that I usually aim for here, but it still applies to learning, and my hobbies. Adorama was the place I used to buy backdrops and lighting equipment “back in the day” (“the day” being high-school and college when I dreamed of being a photo-journalist). They’re still [...]

CTDL 065: Luckily I don’t have one to change

Every time I think I’m going to give up checking Digg (how many top 10 hot movie stars lists do I need to read really?) I come across a story like this one. There’s a get together of top scientists and somebody had the brilliant idea of asking them what they’ve changed their mind on [...]

CTDL 064: Stem Cells from what?

Well, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve found it interesting that we’re finding Stem Cells in other ways that aren’t embryonic. Now they’ve been found in Breast milk.

[From Breast milk contains stem cells (ScienceAlert)]

CTDL 063: Smurfedy of the commons

This is a nice little explanation of the tragedy of the commons. How they tie it in to “Carbon Credits” is interesting, though the way the carbon credits function in actuality vs this “theory of deterrence” I’m not actually sure. Something for me to research.

[From The Science Creative Quarterly ยป TRAGEDY OF THE [...]