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Monthly Archives: February 2008

CTDL 062: Don’t bug mother nature

Evolution at work.

We genetically engineer the cotton to exude a chemical insecticide
The bollworm moths that had a natural immunity to this chemical survive
The percentage of bollworm moths that have an immunity go up and up as fewer of the non-immune ones are around to breed
Soon, most of the bollworm moths are immune and the genetically [...]

CTDL 061: In which we begin discussing my personal history as a prelude to my philosophy

This is what I hope to be the beginning of a series of posts on my personal philosophies, interests, and how I came to them. Some of this will be worked into the “about us” page eventually.

I was raised in a traditional very conservative Seventh-Day Adventist family. My great-grandmother grew up sharing a backyard with [...]

CTDL 060: If two is good, could three be better?

The ethical considerations for this are mind boggling. The theory is that they take an egg and “scrub” out the DNA for mother #1 except for the parts that handle mitochondrial function, before they “fertilize” it with the DNA from Dad and Mother #2. The intention is to prevent some genetic diseases, but the implications [...]

CTDL 059: Mutants!

Well I’m not a mutant because I prefer to stay up-late over getting up early (see bottom link). But I am a mutant because I’ve got blue eyes… unfortunately I have no healing factor, ability to teleport, or telekinesis skills though.

Blue eyes result of ancient genetic ‘mutation’
[From Blue eyes result of ancient genetic 'mutation' - [...]