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Monthly Archives: March 2008

CTDL 110: Quality time is the second choice

No science here, just philosophy. Is quality time a 2nd best option to quality time? If you’re not going to spend any time with your family at least make sure it’s quality? Why settle for that?

I forget where this comes from, but the standard line of spending “quality time” with our loved ones is bunk. [...]

CTDL 109: Artifacts from the skies

I’m a bit of an aviation buff, and I find this story in the latest Air & Space magazine to be endlessly fascinating. In addition to the notes by a pilot mentioned below, there are tales of shell casings found and all sorts of things. This is historically interesting, and also seems a great source [...]

CTDL 108: Rickrolling from 1860

I’m sure I’d get this song stuck in my head if I could only understand it better.

An “ethereal” 10 second clip of a woman singing a French folk song has been played for the first time in 150 years.
The recording of “Au Clair de la Lune”, recorded in 1860, is thought to be the oldest [...]

CTDL 107: Learning the language

Interesting piece today over at Gearfire on learning a new language. I like the concept below of how certain apparently disparate subjects actually share some similarities in how you approach them.

trying to explain to my friend why she was so good at Computer Science. She is an artist by nature first, and it suddenly hit [...]

CTDL 106: Thanks for all the wood

I’m sure there’s a better joke to be made about the dolphins using wood and grass to woo a breeding partner, but sometimes you’ve gotta stick with a Douglas Adams reference.

A South American river dolphin uses branches, weeds and lumps of clay to woo the opposite sex and frighten off rivals, scientists have discovered.
Researchers observed [...]

CTDL 105: Sure NOW they can regrow finger tips

But a few years ago when I sliced off the tip of my left index finger while cutting lettuce (some people claim I’ll do anything to get out of a baby shower) all they did for me was dip it in painful betadine (how do you spell that word?) solution and tell me to suck [...]

CTDL 104: Large pre-frozen seafood

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love it when we find new species. I’m less fond of scary looking giant starfish, but the principle I like.

Scientists who conducted the most comprehensive survey to date of New Zealand’s Antarctic waters were surprised by the size of some specimens found, including jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles and 2-foot-wide [...]

CTDL 103: Biofuel problems

I think it’s probably time to tap a resource. One of my best friends from high-school has been working for the last couple years with a bio-diesel group in North Carolina. There are a couple of issues here (I think),

Sustainability of the biofuels — Are we actually solving anything? or just creating three new problems [...]

CTDL 102: Disservice to athiesm

I hesitate to post this one, because A) it is a large departure from a lot of other CTDL entries and B) it’s likely to tick some people off. Of course since you’re reading this I’ve posted it anyway.
My last post basically said I’m dancing between the agnostic’s camp and the theistic evolutionist’s camp. I [...]

CTDL 101: Evolutionary understanding…ish

Well, here we come to the crux of this series. In my previous entries I’ve discussed my history growing up in a very Christian culture with a young-earth view. Now it’s on to how those viewpoints changed in recent years. I’m not sure I can pinpoint what prompted my mind to change. Unsure of the [...]