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Monthly Archives: April 2008

CTDL 163: Does your right to affordable ethanol trump somebody else’s right to food?

The flip side would probably be related to pollution, climate change, and death due to rising seas for people in low lying areas of the world.

Led by secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, officials want to mitigate the impact of the steep rise in staple food prices and prevent food shortages worsening.
The World Food Programme [...]

CTDL 162: because every meal can’t be chocolate or coffee

It’s nice to know I’m taking care of my skin when having a nice plate of pasta (when I don’t opt for the ever-healthy alfredo sauce).

Pizza and spaghetti bolognese could become new tools in the fight against sunburn and wrinkles, a study suggests.
A team found adding five tablespoons of tomato paste to the [...]

CTDL 161: Is there anything Chocolate and Coffee can’t do?

I think my mom may have been studying this informally for a while now. What I need now is a study to see what it helps to eat a couple chocolate bars a day in men in their mid-30s with no chronic illness save a sweet tooth.

Scientists are to investigate whether eating chocolate can reduce [...]

CTDL 160: Morlock and Eloi? or Adam and Eve?

Maybe H.G. Wells did have a time machine, but got confused as to when he was.

Ancient humans started down the path of evolving into two separate species before merging back into a single population, a genetic study suggests.
The genetic split in Africa resulted in distinct populations that lived in isolation for as much [...]

CTDL 159: A Wikipedia on the ad breaks

The more I read about it, the more I think I’m destined to read Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. This little excerpt from a talk he gave on the subject is a great example of why.

She heard this story and she shook her head and said, “Where do people find the time?” That was her [...]

CTDL 158: photo touch-up tips

Trying to broaden CTDL into more than just “Charles’s interesting science stories”. I’m a photography nerd (well, I’m just a big nerd in general, but photography IS something I’ve got special interest in), and found these simple little photoshop techniques on Wired to be handy things to pass on. I’ll be firing up Pixelmator in [...]

CTDL 157: Duct tape is just the greatest.

I think this was on Boing Boing a couple days ago (I tend to leave some random links up in my browser and I don’t always remember where they came from). Great story of how Duct tape isn’t just useful for college kids making moonbuggies, but also for the real guys who were on the [...]

CTDL 156: Metaphysics, Mystics, and Science

Here’s a bit from Huffington Post on metaphysics and a scientific world view.

reflect the challenge of describing ’spiritual’ ‘mystical’ or ‘metaphysical’ experiences in a language of science and reason.
Secularists following a material reductionist model of science see mysticism as a manifestation of a physical brain state; spiritualists see mysticism as a relationship with God or [...]

CTDL 155: Ion engines are go.

A) I didn’t realize Ion engines were “common”ly being used in space missions (but apparently we’re using them for missions to the moon, comets, and soon mercury).B) I’ve often wondered about the “keep it in a clean room” and then “blast it into space” aspect of space agency work.

This laboratory in a leafy part of [...]

CTDL 154: Good thing I don’t have a boring job

Or at least my job isn’t “critical.” (in the “crash the plane” sort of way… it’s pretty critical to paying my bills and I like to think it’s critical to my employer).

Boring jobs turn our mind to autopilot, say scientists – and it means we can seriously mess up some simple tasks.
Monotonous duties [...]