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Monthly Archives: May 2008

CTDL 191: Diabetes stories of the day

A) Anything that involves extra chocolate consumption sounds like good medicine to me.

A cup of enriched cocoa may help improve the working of blood vessels in diabetic patients, research suggests.
Doctors prescribed three mugs of specially formulated cocoa a day for a month, and found “severely impaired” arteries regained normal function.
[From BBC NEWS | [...]

CTDL 190: The Asthma Gene

In the “not sure I assumed this was the case or not” category. I guess I didn’t think Asthma was entirely environmentally caused, ergo I would assume it’s genetic.

First-born babies may be programmed in the womb to have a higher risk of asthma and allergy, research suggests.
A University of South Carolina led team [...]

CTDL 189: Fit not bulky

Yes, I’ve missed a week of updates. Sorry. We get something a bit different today, a link to an article in the NY Times about keeping healthy when exercising without necessarily getting big and bulky.

The New York Times’ Well section has reassuring news for anyone hitting the gym and not seeing results. Many researchers agree [...]

CTDL 188: Cancer shields

Cancer research is, for me, a fascinating look at us trying to solve a problem which is highly unlikely to ever be “solved”. Cancer is tied to the way biological systems work, and fighting it is, I think, somewhat like fighting our own biology. Of course fighting our own propensity for rage and fighting is [...]

CTDL 187: The cost of a dollar

We won’t mention how often I link to Chad’s blog on my personal site, but it has happened several times in the last couple months. And now I find that I agree with him on another subject (and one that “fits” CTDL). I’m also a big fan of the dollar coins over the dollar bills [...]

CTDL 186: Dementia prescription: Take advil, play basketball

Ibuprofen study I understand. The study linking having shorter arms and legs to dementia is a bit more… odd.

Long-term use of ibuprofen may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a large US study reports.
Data from almost 250,000 veterans showed those who used the painkiller for more than five years were more than [...]

CTDL 185: all think and no play…

Since you probably need a break from all the random thinky links as much as I do… how about some plans for a fun cardboard playhouse.

Cardboard Playhouse Plans & Instructions
Use these cardboard playhouse plans for a quick, eco-friendly and thrifty way to make your child their very own mini home!
It is easiest to start with [...]

CTDL 184: And just when Jillian was going to save me from myself

Exercise? Nah! Eating right? Nah! I ‘m going to get some enzyme removal and metabolize away the honey buns!

Australian scientists believe they may have discovered how to help people lose weight without cutting back on food.
Researchers in Melbourne found that by manipulating fat cells in mice they were able to speed up metabolism.

CTDL 183: Asthma and the City

This probably falls under the “obvious study conclusions” category. Plant trees in your urban area and they suck up pollution and lower asthma incidents. I’d be curious to see how much some indoor plants might help asthma inside the household.

Children who live in tree-lined streets have lower rates of asthma, a New York-based study suggests.

CTDL 182: Infrared Spider mating?

This is just spectacularly bizarre. I’m not sure which is stranger, the results, or that the study was done in the first place. I’m very curious about an evolutionary explanation of how this came about (how did UVB transmission evolve?)

Spiders “talk” to potential mates using a type of light not visible to the human eye, [...]