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Monthly Archives: June 2008

CTDL 212: If only we could make fuel from Kudzu

Good advice here, don’t bring in some new species of crop just to deal with new energy needs.

Nations should avoid planting biofuel crops that have a high risk of becoming invasive species, a report warns.
A study by the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) said only a few countries have systems in place to [...]

CTDL 211: Crazy sleep deprived parents!

Have you ever thought of your new-parent friends as being a bit off? Well apparently you were right.

Scientists have shown relying on the sleep deprived-brain to perform well is potentially fraught with danger.
They found that even after sleep deprivation, people have periods of near normal brain function in which they can finish tasks [...]

CTDL 210: Where are the whale spots then?

I’m not sure I had a perception that deep sea whales were slow. I think I only thought that about the baleen type whales.

Super-fast pilot whales have been observed sprinting after prey, likely to include giant squid.
The rapid pursuit has brought comparisons with the fleet-footed land predator, the cheetah.
The cetaceans even [...]

CTDL 209: How much ocean-front real estate do we need?

I think this will bring back some very interesting and useful data. I just hope that whatever the data is it doesn’t get abused by politics.

The Jason-2 satellite will become the primary means of measuring the shape of the world’s oceans, taking readings with an accuracy of better than 4cm.
Its data will track [...]

CTDL 208: Buckets and Blogs on RealClimate

I’ve not completed any robust research on what the background of the RealClimate blog is, but this is an interesting (if a bit long for the layman) analysis of the recent info on oceanic temperature recording anomalies.

an interesting paper (Thompson et al) was published in Nature, pointing to a clear artifact in the sea surface [...]

CTDL 207: Phoenix rising from the mud?

I know I’m behind on my Mars info (haven’t hit my news sites in a couple days), but this is interesting even if it’s a little old.

Early efforts to grab samples for study in the onboard lab had been frustrated by the cloddy nature of the ground.
But by shaking the scoop bucket on [...]

CTDL 206: These Oreos are to help my jetlag

Never mind that I’m not flying anywhere, the Oreos are resetting my body clock.

Studies in mice have shown cAMP – a common signalling molecule – is involved in keeping the body clock “rhythms” going.
The team hope to develop drugs that target cAMP to help shift workers, frequent flyers or those with sleep disorders [...]

CTDL 205: Nuclear revisited

It’s nice to see the UK putting nuclear power back on the table as an option. It may not be ideal, but it’s got potential to be a far cry better than the current alternatives.

The UK government confirmed in January that it was in the country’s long-term interest that nuclear power should play a role [...]

CTDL 204: Le Space Camp?

Europe may get a manned spacecraft (carefully not called a space shuttle), which is nice. I think the cold war US leading the way was a good thing, but it’s also important to have other players in the game. I’m not sure we’ll see that sort of drive again anytime soon as it was such [...]

CTDL 203: The Mythical Man Moth

Oh look, another bad nerd pun as a post headline. I just found this interesting because we have a creature we’ve documented, but only seen 6 times in the last 150 years. If this was the coelacanth in the depths of the seas it would be one thing, but it’s a strange little non-descript moth.

The [...]