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CTDL 090: Nerdfotainment

I think I found this via Daring Fireball, but I’m not sure. The article’s premise is an interesting one: “multi-threaded plot lines and general complicated-ness are things that make for good nerd entertainment.” I can’t argue with him. Nerd novels like Lord of the Rings follow this concept. Nerd games like D&D and WoW follow this. Even nerd operating systems like Linux follow this line of reason. If you want to engage nerds, make them think.

His final pitch was: “Movies shouldn’t be this much work”. He’s wrong. Movies can be this hard, especially when they’re designed for nerds.

[From Rands In Repose: Nerdfotainment]

In the interesting “anti-corollary” realm is this graphic/article on usability. When we nerds design things, we don’t often take into account that most normal people don’t want 400 buttons/widgets/complicators.


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