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CTDL 103: Biofuel problems

I think it’s probably time to tap a resource. One of my best friends from high-school has been working for the last couple years with a bio-diesel group in North Carolina. There are a couple of issues here (I think),

  1. Sustainability of the biofuels — Are we actually solving anything? or just creating three new problems by “solving” one current one.
  2. Cultural homicide — For lack of a better term, are we changing our first world problem from screwing the 3rd world by using all the energy to screwing the 3rd world by using all the food?

Some scientists believe some biofuels – particularly ethanol from sugar cane – should be seen as sustainable.

But others fear the impact of biofuels on food prices. And recent articles from US scientists argue that the carbon debt incurred from carbon released from ploughing virgin soil often outweighed any potential carbon saving from the biofuels.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Call for delay to biofuels policy]


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