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CTDL 120: Modified Newtons aren’t like Fig ones right?

I like that this is being reported, though it is probably one of the piles of new hypotheses that get put forth each year only to be disproven in peer review.

Modified Newtonian Dynamics (Mond) is proposed as an alternative to the widely accepted theory of dark matter to explain the dynamics of galaxies.
Garry Angus, from St Andrews University, said Mond effects could be very important for small galaxies.

Essentially, Mond would add a new constant of nature – called a0 – to physics, besides the speed of light, Planck’s constant, and many others.
Above it, accelerations are exactly as predicted by Newton’s second law, which says that a force equals an object’s mass times its acceleration.
Below it, gravity decays with distance from a mass, rather than distance squared. This constant would be so small that it would go unnoticed with the large accelerations that we experience in day-to-day life.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Divisive idea 'explains galaxies']


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