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CTDL 130: Blessed brain disease

While I know her family would rather have her back than the creative output, I wonder how many of us would give up a few years of our life to experience the creative ecstasy (and the chance that something we created would outlive us). I’m not saying I would give up any years for it, but I can see that there would be some appeal to this for some people, even if there isn’t a way of “catching” the disease. It would seem to be not far removed from those artists who take harmful psycho-active drugs to potentially increase their creativity (for whatever good, or real added value, it may do), though these aren’t people who have chosen that path.

Dr Anne Adams was a Canadian scientist who died of a rare brain disease — frontotemporal dementia — which caused her to give up her lab and engage in an ecstasy of creative effort (and an agony of frustration as her mathematical ability slipped away), mostly centered on Ravel’s Bolero, a composition he wrote in the throes of the same disease.

[From Rare brain disease gave scientist "a torrent of creativity" - Boing Boing]


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