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CTDL 149: Old old trees.

Approximately doubling the age of Methuselah (the tree, not the biblical character), a tree in Sweeden is found to be almost 10K years old.

Scientists had believed the world’s oldest trees were 4,000-year-old pine trees found in North America.
The oldest, a bristlecone pine named Methuselah located in California’s White Mountains, is aged 4,768, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The new record contender, which would have taken root just after the last ice age, was found among a cluster of around 20 spruces believed to be more than 8,000 years old at an altitude of 910m (2,985ft) on Fulu Mountain.
The visible portion of the spruce was comparatively new, but analysis of four “generations” of remains – cones and wood – found underneath its crown showed its root system had been growing for 9,550 years, Umeaa University said.

Umeaa’s professor of physical geography, Leif Kullmann, said the spruce’s stems or trunks had a lifespan of around 600 years, but as soon as one died, a cloned stem could emerge from the root system.

[From BBC NEWS | Europe | Swedes find 'world's oldest tree']


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