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CTDL 152: Candid monkey camera

Stick cameras in logs, take pictures of animals.

Downer said he came up with the idea three years ago when his team started filming the tigers.

He noticed how gently the forest elephants carried firewood to their camp and wondered if they’d be as delicate with a camera.

“And they were,” he enthused. “Elephants do not see tigers as a threat, and tigers are comfortable with elephants. So we had the perfect team.”

The langur monkeys in the reserve provide fascinating pictures as they became transfixed by their reflections in the log-c

[From Smile you're on ele-vision: How a camera attached to an elephant's trunk captured amazing jungle views | the Daily Mail]

Looking at the pictures chosen for the article none of them appear to be from the one camera that was attached to the elephant. And to me that “tusk-cam” looks downright cruel (couldn’t they have made something WAY smaller and unobtrusive for the elephant to wear?).


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