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CTDL 154: Good thing I don’t have a boring job

Or at least my job isn’t “critical.” (in the “crash the plane” sort of way… it’s pretty critical to paying my bills and I like to think it’s critical to my employer).

Boring jobs turn our mind to autopilot, say scientists – and it means we can seriously mess up some simple tasks.
Monotonous duties switch our brain to “rest mode”, whether we like it or not, the researchers report in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.
They found mistakes can be predicted up to 30 seconds before we make them, by patterns in our brain activity.
The team hopes to design an early-warning brain monitor for pilots and others in “critical situations”.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Dull jobs really do numb the mind]

I’m not so sure about the “early warning” monitors, that reeks of sci-fi movie plot.


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