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CTDL 170: Global plateauing

Looking forward, the model projects a weakening of the MOC and a resulting cooling of north Atlantic waters, which will act to keep temperatures in check around the world, much as the warming and cooling associated with El Nino and La Nina in the Pacific bring global consequences.
“We have to take into account that there are uncertainties in our model; but it does suggest a plateauing of temperatures, and then a continued rise,” said Dr Keenlyside.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Next decade 'may see no warming']

This is either a way to be unfalsifiable (when the “we’re warming up now” predictions don’t come true “they” can always just say it’s a result of natural cooling counteracting things and buy themselves another 10 years), or a grand tragedy (in 10 years all hell breaks loose when the cumulative effect comes into play)..


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