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CTDL 174: Make windows more productive

Buy a Mac! I kid, I kid… well somewhat. I’m a Linux and Mac geek but have worked with PCs for decades now (“work” being loosely defined as “used heavily at home, at work, and as the de facto PC support person in my circle of friends)”), so some keyboard shortcuts (and such) aren’t a bad thing to know.

Keyboard shortcuts

Driving your computer using a mouse pointer may be easiest, but it’s also the slowest way to get things done. Take the time to learn Windows’ built-in keyboard shortcuts for tasks you perform often, and assign your own to shortcuts you always launch.
Global Windows shortcuts: Windows comes with dozens of keyboard combinations built in. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Control+Esc opens the Start Menu. Update: So does one tap of the Windows key.
  • F3 starts a file search
  • Alt+Tab cycles through open programs
  • First letter of a Desktop shortcut name places the focus on that shortcut, Enter to launch.
  • Win+D toggles Show Desktop
  • Win+E starts Windows Explorer

[From Windows: Make Windows More Productive Without Installing a Thing]


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