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CTDL 175: The Human Speechome Project

Yes it’s an apple shill article, but it’s also an INTERESTING one on how study of language development is being done.

At a Glance
MIT’s Deb Roy wants to understand how children learn language. Until now, scientists lacked the technology to implement the intense observation, data gathering, and analysis they need to properly investigate this question. With help from his research team at the MIT Media Lab, computing tools from Apple, and offering himself and his family as test subjects, Roy is developing that technology.

Apple Solution
Through its observation phase, the Human Speechome Program will archive 200,000 hours of audio and video recordings, approaching a petabyte of data. Macintosh Xserves and Xserve RAIDs, interfaced with other computing platforms, collect, process, and store the vast dataset. TotalRecall, a Mac OS X-based application being developed at MIT, is the central tool for navigating and making sense of it all.

[From Apple - Science - Profiles - MIT Media Laboratory: The Human Speechome Project, pg. 1]


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