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CTDL 188: Cancer shields

Cancer research is, for me, a fascinating look at us trying to solve a problem which is highly unlikely to ever be “solved”. Cancer is tied to the way biological systems work, and fighting it is, I think, somewhat like fighting our own biology. Of course fighting our own propensity for rage and fighting is an admirable thing too, so it’s a good thing, it’s just a strangely framed cultural conversation (I think it’s a battle you fight, not a battle you win, fighting is enough).
That said, prolonging lives for those with cancer, and at least making the remainder of their lives less painful and/or miserable, is a good thing. This is some promising research.

Scientists have discovered a group of chemicals which protect one of the body’s most important anti-cancer genes from destruction.
They hope the chemicals – dubbed tenovins – could be used to develop effective new cancer treatments.
The researchers showed tenovins form a protective shield around the p53 gene, which is either switched off or impaired in many cancers.

[From BBC NEWS | Health | Anti-cancer gene shield discovery]


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