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CTDL 198: Iguana slaughter?

mating iguana

Yesterday I mentioned I’m fan of Big Cats, I’m also a fan of lizards, and Iguanas in particular. As a kid I had a few pet iguanas, and there’s a minimal chance that our next pet will be an iguana (we’ve already got two Euromastyx lizards, a doc, and a couple fire-belly toads). That said, I found this story about a slaughter of some critically endangered iguanas disturbing (not on the level of genocide in Darfur mind you, but it’s still disturbing).

Police on Grand Cayman are hunting criminals who slaughtered six of the island’s iconic and critically endangered giant blue iguanas.
The attacks, which also left three other animals injured, occurred on Saturday night in a captive breeding facility on the Caribbean island.
The police are confident the crime was perpetrated by humans.
The dead and injured iguanas seem to have been gouged by knives and show evidence of being kicked and jumped on.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Probe into giant iguana slaughter]


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