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CTDL 203: The Mythical Man Moth

Oh look, another bad nerd pun as a post headline. I just found this interesting because we have a creature we’ve documented, but only seen 6 times in the last 150 years. If this was the coelacanth in the depths of the seas it would be one thing, but it’s a strange little non-descript moth.

The black-winged and orange bodied Ethmia pyrausta is so rare it has gained almost mythical status, said Butterfly Conservation Scotland (BCS).
It was spotted and photographed by Andy Scott and Margaret Currie.

Apart from the original 1853 specimen, only four others have ever been found in the UK.
Two were found in 1996 on the top of Glas Maol in the Grampians with a further two found nearby.
The caterpillars have never been found in Britain.

[From BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | 'Mythical' moth rescued from web]


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