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CTDL 208: Buckets and Blogs on RealClimate

I’ve not completed any robust research on what the background of the RealClimate blog is, but this is an interesting (if a bit long for the layman) analysis of the recent info on oceanic temperature recording anomalies.

an interesting paper (Thompson et al) was published in Nature, pointing to a clear artifact in the sea surface temperatures in 1945 and associating it with the changing mix of fleets and measurement techniques at the end of World War II. The mainstream media by and large got the story right – puzzling anomaly tracked down, corrections in progress after a little scientific detective work, consequences minor – even though a few headline writers got a little carried away in equating a specific dip in 1945 ocean temperatures with the more gentle 1940s-1970s cooling that is seen in the land measurements.

[From RealClimate]


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