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CTDL 209: How much ocean-front real estate do we need?

I think this will bring back some very interesting and useful data. I just hope that whatever the data is it doesn’t get abused by politics.

The Jason-2 satellite will become the primary means of measuring the shape of the world’s oceans, taking readings with an accuracy of better than 4cm.
Its data will track not only sea level rise but reveal how the great mass of waters are moving around the globe.
This information will be fundamental in helping weather and climate agencies make better forecasts.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Key ocean mission goes into orbit]

That is what I hate most about the Global Warming “debate”, that both sides do such an inordinate amount of fear-mongering (The evil Oil Companies are trying to kill us all! The evil Environmentalists just want to ruin our economy!). Of course that applies to most public debates these days (and it may have always been that way, but these are the days I live in, so now I notice them) from Religion vs Science to Republican vs Democrats.


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