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CTDL 212: If only we could make fuel from Kudzu

Good advice here, don’t bring in some new species of crop just to deal with new energy needs.

Nations should avoid planting biofuel crops that have a high risk of becoming invasive species, a report warns.
A study by the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) said only a few countries have systems in place to assess the risk or contain an outbreak.
It has listed all the crops used to produce biofuels, and urged governments to only select low-risk varieties.
The global cost of tackling invasive species costs $1.4 trillion (£700bn) each year, the report estimates.
“Many countries are currently looking at growing high-yielding crops for the production of biofuels to address imminent energy shortages and reduce the impact of climate change,” the report’s authors wrote.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Fuel crops 'pose invasion risk']

Which brings up the best challenge… how to make fuel of some form, from Kudzu.


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