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CTDL 219: Fallafel or insulin, you decide

Falafel wins every time. Interestingly enough this is largely the diet espoused by the Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy book which based most of its information on the harvard medical school nutritional findings. Note they talk about it as a Mediterranean diet, but it’s really just a healthy one.

Sticking to a diet which includes fruit, vegetables, fibre and healthier fats could protect against type two diabetes, a study suggests.
More than 14,000 Spanish volunteers were quizzed about eating habits, then checked over four years to see who developed the condition.
The results pointed to an 83% lower risk for those who followed the diet, the British Medical Journal reported.
But UK experts said the study was not conclusive.

[From BBC NEWS | Health | Med diet 'helps prevent diabetes']


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