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CTDL 227: Modified budgeting

CTDL may be on hiatus in a week or two while I’m on vacation, though I might back-log a bunch of posts for my 2 readers. I think I’ll be dropping the numbered system soon and re-designing the site.
This is not very sciencey but educational, or at least thought provoking. I like the idea of putting ALL the housing casts under the same category, utilities and mortgage are both going to the same “thing” so it makes sense to group them together.

When I was designing the structure of my categories, the first change I had to make was to get rid of a top-level category for insurance. Instead, I put insurance expenses where they belong: auto insurance under transportation, health insurance under medical, and homeowner/renter insurance under housing.

I also eliminated a top-level category for utilities. I put the power bill under housing. (I’d put heat, water, garbage, sewer, etc. there too, but those items are included in the rent where I live right now.) I put the cell phone and internet charges in a new top-level category for communications, and put postage there as well.

[From Refactor your budget categories | Wise Bread]


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