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CTDL 048: Last pile of links… I think.

Last of the random links I think. I’ve got a couple more I want to comment on a bit.

Stardust Reveals Clues About Solar System’s Past | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond: | Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level”:

15 of The Greenest Buildings in The World | Geek About:

Drug addiction genes identified| Reuters

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Ancient Antarctic eruption noted]

[From U.S. Abandons Endangered Species to Build Border Fence : Environmental Graffiti - environmental news blog]

Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2 :

deputydog | 5 unbelievably cool research facilities :

Abolishing ageing | How to live forever |

Insect Attack May Have Been Death Knell for Dinosaurs:

Woolly Mammoths Were Killed Off by Trees : Environmental Graffiti:

Ancient trees found using 200 year old maps – Telegraph

The octopus who loves his Mr Potato Head |

Return to “Earth’s Twin” -European Teams Says Gliese 581 May be Habitable | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond:

Mind Hacks: Naps Improve Memory and Learning:


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