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CTDL 054: Staph Infection B… it’s eating on me

I’m not sure why it would be surprising to find that drug-resistant infections seem to come from a related “master” bug. I would assume that if it’s resistant to drugs it would be the virus surviving and propagating, but what do I know. The two sides to the coin are that if the bug is common we should find it easier to treat them all, but, if it’s all related and we can’t figure out a way to stop it we’re all DOOMED!! (ok, that may be a bit harsh, but it doesn’t bode well).

(the “title” is from a ska song from the 1990s from a DC area band I can’t recall the name of)

[From Popular Fidelity » Sci & Health » Scientists Discover a Common Source in Drug-Resistant Infections]


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