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CTDL 004: Diabetes and Vitamins

With several members of my family Diabetic, this is a bit of heartening research. Apparently Diabetic patients dump Vitamin B1 from their body 15 times faster than the average person. The researchers are theorizing this may be a factor in the numerous ailments associated with Diabetes. I’m curious what effect the no-carb craze has had on this. If it’s in Yeast and Grains, you’re less likely to get those, but do you make that up in Meat consumption?

Researchers found people with the disease expelled thiamine – vitamin B1 – from their bodies at 15 times the normal rate in a study of 94 people.The Warwick University team said thiamine helped ward off complications such as heart disease and eye problems, the Diabetologia journal said.

It is the first time a deficiency of the vitamin, which is found in meat, yeast and grains, has been identified in people with diabetes.

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