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About Us

Count That Day Lost comes from my high-school English teacher’s favorite saying “Count that day lost in which you do not learn at least one new thing.” Initially I thought of this as a place to post some of the interesting science stuff I found in my surfing. I’ll still do that, but what I’m thinking of now is something that combines that with more, as Scott Adams (and probably others) call it, Philosotainment. There should be thoughts and commentary not just on science, but also on art, history, literature, business, gadgets, philosophy, etc.

I’m working on signing up a few other people to write here with the intention that the group will come from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints; from Atheist to Christian, Artist to Scientist, Liberal to Conservative. I’m hoping to provide a place where each author is following the “Obsession Times Voice” formula, even if we don’t all share the same obsessions.