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While there may be more eventually, right now there is just Charles writing:

I’ve migrated from the young-earth creationist view I grew up with (and was taught all through my private church schooling) through something that would probably be best described as Theist Evolution with a side dish of Agnostic leanings and eventually into my current viewpoint which is somewhere between strong agnostic (some things are just outside of our range of possible understandings) and weak atheist (believe there is no god, but because I don’t think we can know everything I am not saying I know there is no god). I am, because I think it is the best word I’ve found yet to describe my position, a Skeptic. I’d love to say that I hold science to science and philosophy and religion to philosophy and religion and never the two shall meet. But realistically I’m going to think about all of those things and how they interact with each other. It’s that mix I intend on exploring here. I’ll be writing essays on these subjects, and hope to bring in a few of my friends to chime in on areas of their expertise.